My first Christmas

Posted On: Thursday, December 27th, 2012 at 3:09 pm

I saw a picture of my first Christmas , there I sit,  10 months, old amidst a pile of baby toys . A large stuffed horse , white with black spots in the foreground my hand resting on it,  of all the toys !  I think my “Spotted Pony Fever” came early in life.  My Father came home from work for lunch every day, when I was a baby, and bounced me on his knee,  promising to buy me a pony .  Mom and Dad  have told me when I was tiny and still could not talk yet , I would sing song a little gibberish song about “Daddy’s gonna buy me a pony ” it  was baby gibberish but, to them it was absolutely distinct and  plain that I was saying ( my Daddy’s gonna buy me a pony ) .  I was whistling while still sleeping in a crib , my Sister is 22mo. younger than I am so it was before I was 2yrs. old, . As, she got the crib and I moved on to a bed.  I have always loved all animals but horses are my favorite, I would surely die without them.  I have received something of an Equine nature for every birthday and every Christmas since.

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