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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Galloping across life, wild and free,
wind blown hair just you and me.

Different paths our lives take,
people we meet friends we make.

Was it a silly school girl crush,
whispered secrets that made me blush.

No road to regret down my twisted avenue,
for I was the one left behind by you.



Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Grassy fields and clear streams, a herd of Mustangs calmly grazing.  Ears twitching, tails swishing, soft muzzles cropping lush grasses. The warm summer sun bakes down, I am amongst them, neither human nor master . I am their equal, one of the herd I am as they are, magnificent and free.  Transported from reality, I lay back onto the ground.  Lazily daydreaming, I shoo a pesky fly from my face.  They browse while I rest for the long  journey back to the night resting, Nestled high above the grazing range on a  secluded mountain peak . The shadows stretch and the day wanes to tawny dusk. Suddenly ears pricked and head raised high, he trumpets a mighty warning, snaking his powerful neck, calling in his herd! Streaking across the plains like lightning, we are running wild and free.  Across the vast prairie over rock and stream we gallop, manes and tails catch the wind like the billowing sails, I am lost in my destiny, I am Equus at last .

Kentucky Derby

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Horse enthusiasts await spring as one of the most exciting times of year !  Lush new grass emerging from the fertile soil, refreshed after a long winter’s rest.  Pastures dotted with anxious Mares  trying to keep up with their frolicking Foals just finding the speed and strength in those lovely long legs . These gorgeous Colts and Fillies will grow up to RUN!!!  It is the time of year when racing fans flock to Louisville Ky.for the Kentucky Derby, to witness ” the  most exciting 2 minutes in sports” !!!

My Family always watched  the Kentucky Derby on T.V. it was an all day event, we would watch all the horses being groomed . The Farms  where they had been bred,born and raised were showcased, they interviewed the owners, who gave detailed stories of the long pedigrees .  We listened to the trainers and jockeys of each Horse, some had funny tales of the quirky behavior that these sleek beauties possess.  The winning Horse is adorned with a beautiful garland of roses, therefor many people call the Kentucky Derby “The run for the Roses” . “Run for the roses” is also a song and one of my favorite songs ever, I get misty eyed listening to such a beautiful dedication to Thoroughbred Race Horses. We always watched all three races that make up the triple crown .

To win the triple crown is the highest racing accomplishment in the United States . The Kentucky Derby is the first race or jewel in the Triple Crown followed by the Belmont Stakes and the Preakness .  2011 will be the 137th year of the ” Derby” . The Kentucky Derby is known for all the ladies coming out in fancy dresses, very extravagant hats and elegant little parasols.  I have never tasted a Mint Julep, the signature drink of the Kentucky Derby, but I did buy a Derby Pie at the Louisville airport, when I flew in to attend a Horse Expo .

The Kentucky Derby is run by 3 yr. old  registered Thoroughbred  race horses with bloodlines that run back farther than any humans I know, save probably Royalty, I don’t know any one of Royal blood personally. I was able to trace back my OTTB ( off track Thoroughbred) to the early 1700s . July 6th 1975 was the last time I watched a race, it was a match race, only two Horses on the track . Match races are very heated races, high emotion for the fans as well as two Horses. This race had been publicized for weeks, “Battle of the Sexes”. The television aired constant jeers and dittys taunting, boys are better than girls/ girls are better than boys !

That day with the racing grounds filled, pink and blue banners flagging the stands, Ruffian wasn’t just a race Horse, she was Female America.   The Bugles sounded, the the gates opened in an explosion of horse power. Ruffian hit her shoulder on the gate coming out of it but recovered quickly, straightening herself out and running like the champion she was.   Ruffian was ahead by half a length then both her Sesamoid bones in her right front leg broke. Her jockey tried to rein her in but she kept on running, pastern and hoof flopping from the fetlock down. The track Veterinarians did extensive surgery on her but she thrashed,  running as she lay on her side in the recovery stall, ripping her surgery apart. She could not stop running , she was born to run and run she did , she ran her heart out, Ruffian ran until she breathed her last breath.

That was the last race I have ever or will ever watch again. I can never enjoy the Kentucky Derby or any other Horse race for that matter, after witnessing the devastating match race between Ruffian and Foolish Pleasure to the horror of the Nation the greatest racing Filly and one of the greatest race Horses ever was lost . Ruffian was Euthanized July 7th, 1974.

About Love

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Scrolled on sacred pages, a passion that grew .

A tale for all ages, so deep and ever true.

I think of you in the light of day.  My love not forgotten along the way.

I dream of you in  the dark of night. My prayer answered, our future bright.

I wish for you when times are good. My hope of ever after, understood.

I long for you when times are amiss. My need comforted with an embracing kiss.

My Window

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

We have always been blessed with “hand-me-down” furniture and textiles and of that I am most grateful, but there comes a time… It’s 2010 , I will be turning 50 in a few short weeks, and as the fates  would have it, it is the year of remodeling and renewing the interior of mi  casa. Our ancient  kitchen pipes created a wading pool in the front half of our  little home. We pulled up the 17 yr. old soggy carpeting and the 19 yr. old warped flooring . Yuck, what a job! Several days were spent deciding on the replacement but we finally agreed on bare wood plank flooring .  The textured medium  brown distressed planks are laid long ways from the glass doors  inviting the  highly polished finish to gleam in the morning Sunlight. I  delight to watch stray dust bunnies dancing across the length of two  main adjoining rooms. We bought our first ever new dining room set . The  dark chestnut, distressed-look,  table with it’s scepter like legs and 3 matching chairs with plush golden cat’s eye green seats. The seat cushion’s soft  colors accent our red brick walls warming the cozy room in deep rich texture. We shopped until we found a corner stand for our television and  then bought matching office furniture.  My Husband’s home office is  nestled in an alcove in the south end of our living room . His large L-shaped desk  perfectly snuggled into the cubical sized nook, accompanied by book  shelves and  complimented with a  big, comfortable, dark cherry chair .   Amazingly each piece  is of the same tawny brown depressed design, it  looks as though we had all the furniture custom made.  Choosing  over-sized his and hers matching recliners and a love seat of liver  chestnut leather filled our limited space .  The matching end tables that  came with the set are fashioned to look like a stack of old style suit  cases and the coffee table a large Steamliner chest.  It took  forever looking for the perfect window dressing  to finally adorn the huge picture window that takes up most of the front living room.  We happened upon curtains that  were made to look like sails, a lovely sea foam green with natural rope  draw strings creating a billowed valance . We picked thick wooden rods  with rounded ends shaped like royal scepters, just like the dining room  set.  We coupled our flowing sail-like curtains with tropical print  translucent sheers. They are filmy brown, splashed with green Palm  leaves and amber Hibiscus blossoms. The effect transforms our living room into a ship sailing to a South Seas  vacation or cruising the Nile on a Jungle Safari, I just let my mind  wonder.   Looking out feels like I am peering out  from  my state room on the  *” S.S. Davidaryst” .  I am not much of a traveler  in application but I do love to mind travel on fantasy  adventures. The dreamy view is further accessorized with long satin  ribbons of creamy pearl decorated in clear diamond cut beads  interspersed throughout the delicate strands. Our home is about 120 feet  from the the country road we live on, in the past 20 years we had rarely opened the  front curtains to enjoy our small front pasture with the big Oak tree.  Our  new window trappings have opened up a whole wonderful world … the  front yard !  Curtains closed, their light coloring allows the Sun to back  light the stage for “Mother Natures shadow art”, as soon as the Sun is  high in the sky the show begins. Butterflies sipping sweet nectar from  the long stalks of blooming  shrubbery, Wasps dancing on the breeze,  Dragonflies wind surfing , an array of Spiders meticulously spinning  elaborate webs and  Centurion Bumble Bees patrolling their home  territory . They live their lives and entertain us with the the “Bug Ballet”  each glorious day, all this, an enchanting  prelude to the sights,
sounds and smells that  drawing open the drapes and raising the panels entreat us to!   My recliner sets in the north west end of our house,  from this magical view point “my window”,  I can see the hay ring filled  with fresh Tifton mingled with the fragrance of dusty Horse hair  wafting across the lawn. Whether it be coupled with a balmy spring  zephyr, the arid summer stillness, a brisk autumn breeze or the icy  winds of winter it’s aroma tickles my senses.  The perfume to my  olfactory, a euphoric awakening deep in my soul, my spirit soars, the  thudding in my heart deepens as my eyes take it all in. I gaze through  the fauna splashed gauze, brilliant rays glinting off the glass prisms  creating a laser light show in my house.  Beneath the Oak’s great canopy dappled sunlight sculpts a scene of serenity  creating an oaken portrait. Tree and trunk,  Horse and hay, sky and ground and shadow, the Mosaic canvas of my  heart.  A sensory pleasure, every sensation piqued and pleasured  as I  savor the little things in life through ” my window”.

Vampires, Werewolves and Demons ... OH MY !!!

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

I’ve Danced under the rainbow, ran naked thru an Emerald City, chased the yellow brick road, been to see the Wizard just because.

Crossed my tease and dotted my eyes, signed in blood I’ve welcomed his curse sealed with a kiss I am surrendered, wrapped in his paws.

Vexed by a Demon, I am that Witch can be held by no mortal man, sure as the full moon rises he speaks to my heart no matter his flaws.

Bound eternally better and worse, a hunger that burns from deep within, accepting his passion, I bare my throat to his powerful jaws .

Ecstasy writhing as the venom flows, our union consecrated… love, lust and lies the past matters not as I am hooked in his poison claws.

Not of this World an orb that hoovers, beckons  a Universal departure, throw caution to the wind, I and accept an invitation that draws.

Sailing along the Seas of life, trade winds ebbing on a Maelstrom of emotion like turbulence beneath a cloak of Cumulus cloud gnaws .

When in death we both shall sleep, beneath a coral bed on the ocean floor so deep, ash to ash from birth to earth safe in natures laws.

More about Parelli

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

The audience erupts into thunderous applause, the obvious ambiance of this charismatic cowboy fills the air. His electrifying presence illuminates the arena as he enters on a magnificent black steed !  Linda , his extraordinary wife follows astride her elegant Warmblood . I feel the stir of emotion, the dust settles, a one-ness unites us young and old alike . He and Linda  introduce their entourage of “mastery students” and the MAGIG begins!  Each student a budding Parelli genius showcases his or her talents for the onlookers to ogle. The crowd sits on the edge of their seats, their eyes glued to the life changing message that unfolds before them.  Problem horses are brought  in and  helped with their “Horse-ality”  for your education entertainment.   Local Parelli home study students show off their skills for their Parelli  advancement and for the auditors!  We each realize,  our dreams, whether small or grandiose are within our grasp thru the Parelli Natural~Horse~Man ~Ship Program. With the auspicious assistance of Pat Parelli and his brilliant wife, Linda, you can excel in the Horse Community they have orchestrated. The home study coarse they have developed can take you thru the first 3 levels in all 4 savvys , the accessible knowledge and support is unbelievable. They have solicited experts in every aspect of (Horse-dom ) – medical, nutritional,  psychological,  competition, sports & breeding   and for the humans… Psychology of learning and teaching plus mental and physical well being  as well as the Natural~Horse~Man~Ship  ( riding) * it is so much more than riding !!!  This program will exceed your expectations and help you in every  aspect of your life , the harmonious relationship with your horse is just the beginning .


8 Days a Week

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

My week consists of 4 day shifts and 4 night shifts . I am off  Sunday thru Wednesday and start my days at 6:00 a.m. , I am in bed by  9:00 p.m.  if I dare stay up past the magic hour, I turn into a pumpkin, my night light kicks on and that’s that I am up all night. Wednesday thru Saturday I work from 8:30 p.m. til 5:00a.m. , I then have an hour drive home , where I start my Daughter’s  morning school  preparation after she leaves I have  horses, dogs  &  cats to feed along with my daily animal chores . I am usually in bed by 8:00 a.m. sleep till 2:30 and start my night shift week ,  Saturday/Sunday is a 26 to 28 hr. day , Wednesday is a 26 hr. day it is the only way I can I can live my life happily and work my job advantageously . I have done this for so many years I am use to it , tho I must say every year it seems to get harder.  Altering  my delicate sleep pattern is as easy as a 30 minute window at best, the moment I feel sleepy I have to hurry to bed or I will be staring at the ceiling till dawn or again working all night with no sleep , the balancing act is quite aggravating to work and live around if anything out of the ordinary happens . therefore I am very affectionate of a mundane life . Trust me I get all the *Horror and *Drama I need from work,  *Action and *Adventure from my horses, * Family, *Comedy and *Romance from home and *Suspense from life and growing old . I love days with nothing planned, I enjoy finding silly little things to entertain myself as I glide thru stolen moments I call “My Own”. I love to putter about the place in my dream world .

* Movie genre


Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Parelli is the most positive and progressive Horse / Human study coarse available . There are many Horse trainers with the same tired old gimmicks and information as they had 20 yrs. ago .  The Parelli ‘s strive constantly for ” good , better , best , never let it rest , get your good – better and your better – best ” . From the multi-million dollar syndicated Thoroughbred Racehorse to the free rescue , from the 5th generation million acre rancher to the teenagers backyard pet , from the toddler playing house with a mini to the 79 yr. getting a first horse and from the muscled toned athlete astride a competition horse to the handicapped non-rider who can only play on line , Parelli has something great to offer . He has made it acceptable to not ride and for the multitude of horse lovers that choose not to that is a blessing . The Parelli’s have not stopped or even slowed their own self education and improvement , they have studied as many disciplines
and aspects of horse ownership and enjoyment as possible . Pat &Linda Parelli study , analyze and format a huge array of information , it seems no matter what you seek or what difficulties you may encounter they have researched it and have the solutions . I find it sad that so many normal people can accept his research findings , yet still complain of horse issues time and time again . Why is it that humans do what they have always done and still expect to get a different result ? These same humans praise my horse interactions but cannot accept the change for themselves . I am doing my best to represent Parelli as best I can , to share the knowledge  with as many as possible so that horses will have a brighter future .


Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Today , Sunday October 18th , I attended the Pat Parelli open house in Ocala , Fl. (Horse capital) of the World !!!  Marion county has 1600 registered farms and representation of 300 different breeds of horses . WOW!!! I hated leaving Heaven , coming back down to earth , but my horses were at home waiting for their evening grain . Heaven may be  Ocala , but home is where the horses are. I was pleased at the big turn out . Parelli’s dream of changing the horse world is quickly becoming a reality . Parelli is genuine and his energy is intoxicating , the empowerment of Savvy leads each horse-lover to believe that no one else on earth has the relationship that “you” have with your horse .  This “Love / Language /Leadership” encourages a huge improvement in horse welfare . The frustration of Horse-Human communication has plagued most humans for at least 6000 yrs. Then there are the Pat Parelli types who are fascinated by this concept . Fortunately for the rest of us Parelli also is a visionary , his mission , helping others obtain the same (miraculous) results .

The air is Spiritual , I admit , I am a  back slider so every chance that I am able to go to a Revival , I do .   I am renewed , my soul is rich and full , I will be on the straight and narrow path for months to come !  I am fueled up , my quiver full of arrows , my problems seem manageable as i draw strength from his wisdom . He WOWs the crowd with his seemingly infinite Savvy ,then demonstrates what his everyday students can accomplish , that’s the real deal  , all ages , both genders and every discipline .   Handicapped ?  that’s  just another obstacle  easily coped with and gracefully overcome and bring home the gold medal .

Working all night , speeding home to do the morning chores  and pack up the kids for the 3 hr. trek , seems an easy sacrifice for the reward in hand , I don’t travel much , so the once yearly trip to Mecca for my Soul food is a necessity . I first witnessed Parelli in 1997 at Equtana U.S.A.  Louisville , Kentucky . I have been a devout follower since the day I saw the light ! I attended Equtana ’97 , ’98 , ’99 & 2000 , then Equatana ceased, I was heart broken , then I was able to find Parelli at least once a year in Fl.  Thankfully it is usually on Sunday, I am able to work my shift on Saturday night and still make it to the seminar , celebration or open house .  Parelli in my Religion , I am a disciple of  “Natural~Horse~Man~Ship” , I  spread the word of Horse Savvy so that others may see the light .  Thank You Pat & Linda
Parelli                                                                                             Please join  

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