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Chief Torbelino

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

We went to look at a little horse, much to my parents disbelief, I could not see that little horse.

I only had eyes for that Torbelino Chief! Chief was a 16.3 hh TB/App Gelding.

 I’m not sure how I talked my parents into buying that giant of a horse for me, but I did.

 I was the biggest Kid on the planet when I scaled up to the saddle.

 I saddled him from an open window on our barn porch.

 Chief had a beautiful chestnut coat, a white  blanket over his loin and hips with chestnut spots.

 Chief was a (babysitter) horse, so calm and gentle as we loped across the fields like a rocking horse he had a large slow canter rhythmically rocking me into a confident Equestrienne,

These lessons can last a life time and give a girl the inner strength to succeed in life, a confidence seeded so deeply that the evils of this world can not uproot. I rode Chief everywhere, we were a great team.

Our neighbor Mr. BD wrote a song about us and sang it to me while he played the piano. I wish I could remember it!?! Chief was a different horse when my father settled into the saddle, Dad always said.


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