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Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

In the late days of yet another long, hot summer my little yard Fairies had nested, thousands of their tiny babies hopping on literally every leaf, twig and blade of grass in the lawn … when they mature and take flight it may be Biblical. WATCH THE SKIES!!!

I love the outdoors and spend much of my time outside with my animals, I am not extremely girly when it comes to bugs, most creepy crawly’s don’t much bother me (as long as they don’t get on me). *The exception is ROACHES¬† and LOCUST,I can’t even type the words without shivering …. tremors rivet my body at the thought .¬† It’s those little sticky things on their toes, once they get on you you cant get them off.

In the Spring 2011 our yard became infested with large Grasshoppers, the only way I could go outside was to convince myself they were grassland Fairies . I soon came to enjoy watching them fly from the the lush lawn they fed on to trees and posts or cling to the fence upside down the sun shimmering on their iridescent wings. We have had many cycles of pestilence, Mole Crickets, Silk Worms, Moths, Ladybugs, to name a few and of coarse twice yearly, every year the awful Love-bugs.

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